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A cheating father of five has been caught stucked inside sister-in-law during sex (See Video)

Caught stucked inside sister-in-law during sex 

This was hear to believe, but It was indeed a show of shame after a married man was caught stuck inside his sister-in-law while they were having sex in Nairobi, Kenya.

A cheating father of five has been caught and disgraced in Kenya after he was caught stuck to his sister-in-law during sex.

Nairobi News reports that the incident which happened in Nakuru’s Tanners in East African country, saw the 55-year-old cheating father of five caught in the act after he had lied to his family that he was on his way to purchase a car after selling a piece of land but ended up in a hotel with his wife-s younger sister.
But nemesis caught up with him after he and the woman became stuck together during the sex act was disgraced by the community members who carried them out and paraded them in the streets.
According to the report, the man had left his home in Kiisi in the southwestern parts of the country on June 6, 2017, on a supposed trip to Mombasa to purchase a family car after selling a piece of land, only to end up in a hotel in Nakuru with his sister-in-law, who is a student.
After spending a night having marathon sex with the lady, things took a different turn when they tried to disengage and found it difficult as they were stuck together. After trying to separate themselves for many minutes, they had to cry out which brought the management of the hotel to find out what happened.
After breaking the door to the room, the hotel staff was shocked to see the illicit lovers stuck to each other.
As word spread around the neighbourhood about the cheating couple, hundreds of people stormed the hotel including the man’s wife, Margaret Nabwire, who claimed that she had planted a very powerful charm on her husband to curb his adulterous ways and to expose him.
Caught stucked inside sister-in-law during sex
Nabwire, it was gathered, first demanded to be paid some money before she could separate the couple but she, however, agreed to have them taken to the witch doctor for separation.
The secret lovers were then paraded in bed sheets to the home of the witch doctor who identified herself as Annet Mutheu, for the antidote.
 On arrival at Mutheu’s place, Nabwire’s sister pleaded for her mercy screaming:
“My sister, I’m exhausted, come, let’s talk. My sister, I’ve been ashamed today.”
Explaining why she planted the charm on her husband, Nabwire said she took the drastic measure after neighbors told her that her husband has been cheating on her.
“I have been married to him for more than 20 years and we have five children. Today, I decided to teach him a lesson. I paid the witchdoctor Sh 40,000 for assistance.”
Before the separation, the witchdoctor directed the lovers to ask for forgiveness and after they pleaded guilty, she untied two huge pencil-shaped stick and the man breathed a sigh of relief while shouting:
“Thank you, my wife, thank you.”
The witch doctor said she uses ‘kamuti’ with names of either the wife or husband and ties it with a string until the cheating spouse is caught.
Watch the video here:

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