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Addiction – E01 (Story Episode)

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Ever since chioma’s
class mate (emeka) gave her his phone to watch some videos, she started having
strange imaginations every sec she’s alone..

In his phone were pornographic videos.

It was during break that,she was alone in class when she sighted emeka walking
in,emeka pls can you borrow me your phone lemme play temple run,she pleaded
innocently,okay but don’t finish the battery oo? And he typed his password and
gave her and left to join his friends..

As she was scrolling,she just said within her,lemme watch video small before

What she saw bulged her eyes off her eye socket,she saw over 30 pornographic
videos displaying.

What is this? She said with shock.

She clicked on a video,immediately she saw a man banging a lady,they were both
naked,his d–k was nakedly f—–g her p—y,in which she moan with o—-m,with
fear she removed the video and looked around her if anybody was watching, but
nobody in class, she clicked another video,she saw another lady fingering her
p—y with great energy,…

Chioma was immediately feeling wet and h—y.

In order not to be disturbed, she ran to the girls restroom to feel

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