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Addiction – E03 (Story Episode)

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Immediately the teacher came into the class,emeka ran to
his seat immediately because the teacher(Mr uche)was very strict,he doesn’t
take nonsense from the students..

Mary jane (chioma seat mate) was becoming worried because this was chioma
favorite subject(biology) and she’s not in class,where in the world is she..she

While Mr uche was teaching , he turned to asked a question,class what do we
call the young ones of a rat?

Few people raised their hands, emeka didn’t raise his hand,so he pointed at
emeka,you over there tell me?

What do you call the young ones of a rat?


Baby rat emeka replied,the class bursted into laughter..

You think this is funny abi,I will show u that baby rat is also a goat…

While Mr uche was thinking the punishment to give emeka,he quickly looked at
chioma’s seat and found out that she was missing..

Mary Jane where is chioma? He asked immediately. Before mary Jane could
reply,chioma came into the class with sweat all over her face like Christmas

The whole class turned to look at her in shock..

Chioma where are you coming from? Mr uche questioned her,sorry sir I have a
running stomach,so I was in the toilet,she lied,tho she was in the toilet..

Sorry dear,have u seen the nurse? He asked her am okay now sir she said while
looking at emeka at the corner of her eye..

Okay go back to your seat.

she went back with sweat still all over her face..

Mary Jane was looking at her like she saw a ghost but she ignored her.

She sat down but her mind was somewhere else,her panties where still wet with
c-m and her p—y was still pumped up with pleasure for a f–k.

i can’t wait to go home she thought.. ..
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