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Addiction – E04 (Story Episode)

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Now school was over on a Wednesday

Immediately Mr uche left the class,uche sprang up from his feet to chioma’s

Lucky for him the teacher forgot to give him his punishment.

Chioma where is my phone he barked, I hope you did not finish my battery he
asked her,no once I finished the game then I started coming,chioma replied
innocently,thank God she did not see my videos oo,uche said within him….

Without talking to anyone,chioma took her bag and started walking home,as she
got to her house,she saw her mother coming out.

Good afternoon mum,afternoon my dear,am off to the market her mother replied,
your food is in the kitchen inside that cooler, okay mama she replied then her
she left.

Chioma got in without changing her clothes, went to the kitchen and finished
eating her food and went to her room to change.

As she was changing, she took off her top,took off her bra to change, when saw
her massive boobs on the mirror,then she started caressing her boobs playfully,
she started squeezing,touching her nipples till she started feeling h—y.

Now she wished to have a guy to f–k her p—y hard now.

,with energy she took of her skirt,shifted her panties aside and started finger
f—–g her p—y,

She quickly went the fridge,picked a huge cold. Cucumber and took it back to
her room,as huge as the cucumber is like the size if a giant d–k,she dipped it
into her tight p—y,bringing it out and dipping it in,she made sure her p—y
swallowed the whole cucumber.
by Now she was wet which
made her panties socked wet.

She quickly threw off her panting and dip her finger deeper into her pumped
p—y,which made her moan louder,she felt like she’s in heaven,as she was
f—–g herself, she was twerking her waist…

Without even realizing someone was knocking at the door,because the pleasure
she was having she squirted all over the bed and her hand but she never stopped…

The person knocked again,lo and behold the person was emeka.he wassent by chioma’s
mum from the market to give somethings to chioma,but he was surprised why
chioma is not answering,as he was about to push the door open,chioma opened the
door and he was staring at a naked lady head to toes….
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