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Addiction – E08 (Story Episode)

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continue from last episode.

chioma what that on your leg her mother asked her boldly(pointing at her laps)

she stared down at her legs and saw emeka’s sperm on her laps,oh God why didn’t
I clean up before coming outside,now am dead(she thought)

I have to think of something to say before this woman finds out.

chioma was about to say something then immediately her mother’s phone rang
which distracted her and she left for the kitchen with the phone on her ear
taking to the caller.

chioma found this as an opportunity to clean up, so she quickly sneaked into
her room,she got inside her room and found emeka under her bed hiding like a
baby,emeka you have to find a way to leave before my mumsy will catch you,she’s
on the phone right now.

immediately she heard footsteps coming towards her door,hide chioma whispered

emeka entered deeper into her bed,chioma quickly ran to her reading table and
acted like she was reading.

chioma’s mum busted the door open,chioma who were you talking with,I heard
voices in your room just now?

voices?nobody na,I was only muttering to myself while reading,chioma responded

chioma been a sharp,brilliant girl has a way of getting out of trouble.

anyway how was school today her mother asked grabbing a seat close to her to
sit,fine mum as you can see am preparing for my exams and I want to be left
alone chioma replied,okay have you eaten your food? chioma’s mum asked, no I
will soon eat,as she was replying to her mother’s questions, her eyes sighted
emeka’s shoes behind the door of her room which made her got scared for her mum
not to see the shoes on her way back.

Emeka was still stuck under the bed sweating like Christmas he-goat,as he was
being careful not to make any sounds, out of nowhere under the bed, from one of
chioma’s shoes,real fat rat jumped out and landed on emeka’s face.

just as her chioma thought she had escaped and her mum was done with her
interview,a sound came from under the bed while her mother was still inside her

I don die(chioma thought)

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