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Addiction – E09 (Story Episode)

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what that sound her mother questioned
immediately then she bent to check under the bed but before she bent down the
rat ran out of the bed and ran to a nearby hole under her door and ran out.

her mother followed the direction of the rat which made chioma very scared for
her mum not see those shoes or this will be the end of her life,she discovered
that her mum was looking at her and she tried to avoid the gaze and pretended
to be reading when she heard a bold voice,chioma are you really okay? her
mother asked, yes why you asking chioma said innocently,then why you sweating
like this?go and shower biko before you start stinking her mother ordered and
stands to leave and pls remind me to buy rat killer tomorrow, I think the rats
in this house are becoming too much then she slams the door behind her.

hah thank God, emeka you can come out ooo,chioma said hitting the top of her
bed with her palm,emeka sluggishly came out of the bed looking like somebody
who just had his bath,with sweats dripping from his shirts.

I swear I will never come to this house again,I have suffered today (emeka said

chioma tried to hold her laugh,then emeka walked towards the door to leave then
chioma quickly ran to his front and block him,where do you think you are going?
chioma asked staring at his face.

see me see question ooo emeka laughed dusting his palms together, home of
cause, where else(emeka asked)

you want to go home just like that?

after you have released inside me,noo you have to do something about it,am too
young to get pregnant (chioma said worriedly)

you know this will lead to pregnancy and you told me to f–k you abi(emeka said
sarcastically),chioma quickly covered his mouth with her palm because his voice
was getting louder.

shhh,keep your voice down na,what if my mum hears you.

okay if it because i release inside you that is making you scared take this,
emeka said while he removed a tablet from his pockets, he removed one from the
pack and gave her.

what this? chioma asked looking at what he gave her,it a drug to prevent
pregnancy called (postinol),all you have to do is drink it,wait for some while
and go and pee,and it will flush all my sperm from your p—y (emeka explained)

how are you sure it will work? chioma questioned,here is the packet and see for
yourself, read instructions,emeka gave it to her and picked up his shoes,so can
i go now?,without waiting for an answer emeka quietly opened the door,looked
around and started tiptoeing his way to the living room.

he perceived delicious egusi aroma coming from the kitchen so he guessed
chioma”s mum might be in the kitchen.

lucky enough the kitchen door was locked so he quietly walked passed the
kitchen door,immediately the kitchen door opened.

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