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Addiction – E10 (Story Episode)

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continued from last episode. …

immediately the kitchen door opened, emeka had already passed the kitchen
door,so he quickly ran to the living room and hide under one of the sofas.

chioma’s pov

I just hope this drug emeka gave me works(chioma thought while reading what was
on the packet),anyway lemme quickly hurry up and take a shower,chioma said
getting up.

and she felt a sharp pain in between her legs which made her groaned a bit,only
for her to look down on the floor and saw blood stained all over the floor. oh
my God how did this happen chioma whispered loudly, she looked under her skirt
and touched her panties,it was stained with blood.
out of fear chioma ran to the bathroom to wash up, she
made sure she cleaned any trace of emeka’s sperm in her p—y,she washed it
like her life depends on it.

5minutes later,she came out,cleaned herself with towel and changed to new
clothes,creamed herself and cleaned the blood from her floor to avoid suspicion
from her mother.

she wore a tight jean and spargetti strap shirt that exposed her side boobs a
little,chioma been the only child made her mum buys her anything to make her

so she was done then she took the drug and hide it in her back pocket,slams her
bedroom door behind her and head to the kitchen to take water for the drugs…

emeka’s pov

emeka was hiding
under the chair with chioma’s mum sitting untop watching TV ,God pls just let
me leave this house and I promise I will not come here again(emeka prayed
silently),I don’t know why this people don’t have AC in this house, emeka
thought as he began another battle of sweat,chioma’s mum got up and headed for
the kitchen to check what she was cooking.

immediately chioma’s mum entered the kitchen,like flash emeka ran out of the
chair,ran to the door and quietly sneaked out,he wore his shoes and heads home
inside the darkness…

Normal POV

, by now it had
gotten dark outside (7:00pm),emeka family were looking all over for him and his
mum was told chioma’s mum sent him before to her house to deliver something at
her house from the market,emeka family owned a provision store in the market so
chioma’s mum buys her things there anytime she comes shopping.

emeka’s sister (oyinye) was sent by her mum to chioma’s house to ask about
emeka disappearance.

chioma’s mum checked if the water was boiling which wasn’t so she went back to
the living room.

chioma’s POV

she entered the
kitchen, opened the fridge and brought out a chilled water,opened the
drug(postinol) and gulped it with the water down then she waited for some
minutes and went back to her room to pee.

she was done and sat down on the bed thinking about what just happened, I can’t
believe emeka f—-d me today (she thought) with her fingers rubbing her p—y
lines from her jeans gently,my p—y almost tore because of his rod,
immediately she started thinking of feeling emeka’s rod in her again,the
thought made her started feeling h—y so she pull down her jeans,shifted her
panties to the left….

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