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Amazing Wedding Moment: Brazilian Bride Chooses Male For ‘Bridesmaids’ (See Photos)

Amazing Wedding Moment: Brazilian Bride Chooses Male For ‘Bridesmaids’ (See Photos)

The Brazillian Bride, Rebeca Abrante who has just four ladies in her computer engineering class of 60 bucks the tradition of bridesmaids by picking an all-male cast for her wedding, and the result are shades of humorous, amazing, and… ingeniously refreshing.

“I came up with the idea one week before the wedding.
I was looking into some ‘making of’ pictures of brides with their gang of girls, all in robes, laughing, drinking champagne and all, and I got a bit sad because I wouldn’t be able to do anything like that,” Rebeca tells Bored Panda.

“The [bridal shower] photoshoot was super fun,” she continues.
“Everyone was taking shots of cheap booze and sometimes we were laughing so much that we had to take some time to recover and go on with the photos.”
The photos, all shot by Fernando Duque were been posted on Facebook by the bride and got loads of likes in no time. Of course, it was not long before it became a viral sensation of sorts.
As pictures on her Instagram page shows, Rebeca and the love of her life [he’s a fine one, by the way] are now married.
The super-joyous bride, 24, posts a lovely pic on the social media page on Thursday, May 18, 2017 and captions it “[The day I gave the most important yes of my life.]”

 And in another beautiful snap, she sits in between two pretty brunettes smiling happily alongside her, and captions it “I do have gffs but they are far away from me.”

Thankfully they weren’t too far away to make the wedding ceremony!

Check out photos from the shower below:

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