BBTitans Sandra: How I Escaped Being R*ped Twice

BBTitans Sandra: How I Escaped Being R*ped Twice

The recently evicted Big Brother (BBTitans) housemate, Sandra Essien, has gone down memory lane.

She recounted how she escaped being r*ped twice.

The reality star spoke about her unpleasant past ordeal during the recent episode of Hero Daniel’s Therapy session.

Sandra said when she was aged 16, she worked as a bartender in order to support her family — following the demise of her dad.

The reality star said she was molested on several occasions at the bar, adding that “men were tapping my a**.”

She also said on two occasions — while returning home very late from the bar — she was almost r*ped.

“I am an only child. My dad is late. Ain’t got no siblings. And when my dad died in like 2015, I started working,” she said.

“I got my first job when I was 16 years old. I used to bartend at a bar – an open bar, in this place they call 100 Degrees. I think I escaped r*pe twice ‘cos I used to go back home at night.

“I had to do something for my mum. I had to contribute to my family. My dad’s family took everything from us, except the car.

“Men were tapping my a*s. Just doing the weird things that drunks would do.”

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Speaking on her mental health since she left the reality TV show, Sandra said “I have had mental breakdowns almost every day.

“It is triggered by how disappointed I am. I think I’m gonna be pained for a long time. That I tried Big Brother three times and then my fourth time and I got out in like two weeks. That’s really painful.”

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Last Sunday, Sandra and Theo Traw were booted out of the reality TV show.

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