DO YOU AGREE?? The Christian God Is Too Slow

DO YOU AGREE?? The Christian God Is Too Slow.

Popular Ghanaian native doctor, Kwaku Bonsam has shared his thoughts about the Christian God.

In a recent interview with Wontumi Radio, Bonsam asserted that the Christian God is unjustly hesitant to punish evildoers. He also asserted that his gods execute punishment right away.

The native doctor said;

“Somebody has bought a phone, he places it down to go and give offertory; By the time the person returns, the phone has been stolen. If someone exhibits such conduct in the shrine, the gods will kill the person but God is patient and lenient with a lot of things. He will watch you do it and by the time He is repaying you it will be of less effect. The lesser gods do not have such patience.”

Bonsam also said that he doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ because he is “someone’s child”. He added;

“I am following the footsteps of ‘Kofi oo Kofi’. That is what will lead me to Christ. I am following the footsteps of ‘Kofi oo Kofi’ and meeting ‘God’. I don’t believe in Jesus. Jesus is somebody’s child. Where was Jesus born? Bethlehem is on earth here. ‘Kofi oo Kofi’ is a spirit.”

The Christian God Is Too Slow – DO YOU AGREE?

Let’s hear from you all as regards this.

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