GIST US! Ever Lent A Friend Money? How Did It End?

This is my story…
A friend asked me to help him with some cash he needed urgently to facilitate business investment. As a real friend, I felt pity for him and gave him some cash from my house rent savings.

The guy was very happy and promised to pay me back in two months’ time. This thing happened in January this year oh. Up till now, I am yet to receive a kobo from this dude.

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I ended up reimbursing the savings just to move on with my life. The funniest part is that each time I call this dude he keeps telling me how life has been so unfair to him, but Wetin man go do, I just bone am.

Last month he called asking me for another financial assistance, I was just mute throughout the call when he was done, he asked me if I heard him and I calmly whispered to his ears ‘Thunder fire you’.

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These days, If you ask me to borrow you 10k, I will dash you 1k. Go and sort yourself out!

So guys, tell us your experience.

Ever Lent A Friend Money? How Did It End?

Drop your comments.

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