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Having A Good Sex Life Equal To A Life Of Better Health

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Protected sex with one regular partner has many health
benefits. To start with, sex is just a stress reliever. Stress is a
killer. Stress invades are bodies from practically the moment we awake to as
soon as we try to fall in bed. With good sex, we can rid our bodies of this
poison and hopefully have fun doing it.
relieving stress, we also are happier. Depression is growing rapidly. Just look
at all the antidepressants on the market today.
Sex, is
an exercise which helps us to burn calories from fat also to lose weight.
With a
reduction in stress, we also sleep better at night. Sleeping better, means our
bodies functions better and we are again more relaxed.
workers also declare having making love can lower our lipid disorders. This is
again due to exercise factor and we are very mindful exercise is supposed to
help lower our cholesterol.
can also help improve our circulation. When we are having sex, our heart beat
increases. The increase in heart rate can cause our blood vessels flow to
increase to the brain also to other parts of the body, thus our blood commences
going around better.
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also say that having sex can help to relieve pain by releasing an endorphin
when we reach the point out of orgasm. This can include many types of pain,
including headache pain. This is a natural way to lessen pain. Of course, be
realistic here, if you are in the deep state of a migraine you aren’t going to
be able to make love to your sweetheart. But if you just have a small headache
or maybe a small pain in your wrist or whatever, making love may stop the pain
quicker than reaching for that pain pill.
We all
know that a healthy sex life does keep the main part of our life healthy, our
love for our partner. You can’t be in a cheerful, healthy relationship without

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