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Hilda Baci Has Made N70 Million From Cooking Class – Lady Shares Proof (VIDEO)

According to the lady, Chef Hilda Baci is said to have made over N70 million, even with registration still open.

The woman herself had registered for the class, paying a fee of N35,000. She estimated that there are already more than 2000 people registered for the same class. When she did the math, multiplying N35,000 by 2000, the total equated to N70 million.

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She couldn’t believe the substantial amount Chef Hilda Baci would make from the class, and she urged others to consider how much more the earnings could grow if an additional 500 people registered.

The cooking class conducted by Chef Hilda Baci is evidently one of her most popular, with numerous people eager to participate and learn from her culinary expertise.

Despite the relatively high cost of the class, many individuals have already registered, and it is expected that more will join before the registration deadline.

The news of Chef Hilda Baci’s alleged earnings from the cooking class has sparked a debate on social media, with people expressing various opinions on the matter.

Watch the video below:-

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