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Must Read: A Mother’s Sacrifice [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 7

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Then she move to a fire which was burning by the syd of the road, as she was about entering the fire sombdy saw her and drag her out of the fire. The person was so angry with her for the fact that she wanted to kill her self but she did’nt rely knw wat happen to her so she ran home. When she got home she met her dad and mum arguing so she greeted them but savitri notice the burn on her leg.

Savitri: what happen to your leg????

Janvi: nothing mum, i mistakly match an hot place.

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savitri: ok my child go inside clean up and come let eat.

Ruk told her that the discussion was over. The next day as savitri was doing as houx choice she receive a fone call.

Caller: ma are you savitri singh?

Savitri: yes, any problem?

Caller: we are calling from the hospital because of one miss shanty

savitri: am coming to the hospital ryt now.

She hurried and went to the hospital wen she go they she heard the mother of shanty talking to the police about shanty committing suicide by burning her self. According to shanty’s mother she woke up to get water and perceive somtin burning she tried to find out wat was burning only to find her daughter on her bed burning. Savitri tried to talk to the police that it was no suicide but they was somtin behind it but they did no belive her. So she was left wit the option on going to see the gals father in the psychiatry.

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find out wat happen in there in the next episode.

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