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Must Read: A Mother’s Sacrifice [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 8

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janvi was inside the house when she saw her sister, she followed her till she got to the road Syd we’re dey sell petrol, went inside put the petrol around her. savitri was already on her way home, she could not find a cab, she decided to be walking home till she found a cab who agreed to carry her, dis angered the two girl nd dey decided to cause an accident to delay her do they showed deir self to the driver den got to the center of the road BT the driver narrowly escape it. they decided to put fire on the cab BT by then they we’re already closer to her ause, so she jumped from the cab before they got burn. when on the other hand janvi father was look for her born her finally found her she av lit the fire nd she was at the middle of it, other pole av gathered trying to stop the fire BT they could no, her was begging her to come out BT she was just laughing. that was wen savitri came she could not stand by nd see her daughter getting burn nd d gals we’re dey too laughing. there nd then she decided to sacrifice her self for her daughter so she got closer to the fire pull her daughter out nd stayed behind to get burn. and just DAT single act of hers melten the gals heart nd they started crying then savitri smiled.

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All this while wat the gals lack was motherly love and they got that through savitri, nd they nevered killed again.


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