Oya, Swear That You’ve Never Done Any Of These During Your Childhood (Nigerian Version)


1.- if u didn’t kill earthworm with salt.

2.- if u didn’t play rubber band.

3.- if u neva bath in the rain.

4.- if nobody told u about india vs nigeria 99-1

5.- if u did not sleep on the couch and wake up on the bed.

6.- if u didn’t throw ur milk teeth on the roof for

lizards to take it and give you new ones.

7.- if u don’t just wash your legs n hands

instead of bathing before going to school.

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8.- if u didn’t act film inside uncompleted building or under bed with friends.

9.- if u have never flew a kite.

10.- if u didn’t use your two legs to build

houses with sands.

11.- if u never write your name on a paper and

insert it into your pen so that no one will steal it.

12.- if didn’t close the fridge door really slowly

and see when the light went off.

13.- if u neva wave at white birds expecting

your nails to be whiter.

14.- if u did heard of ghost that stay under mango trees at night.

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15.- if u never drive a single car tyre with stick

and call it a car.

16.- if u never mix garri and sugar in ur pocket

and eat it while walking on the street.

if u never did mama n papa play e.g cooking leaf and sand without fire.

18.- if u didn’t play table soccer with bottle


……..then i guess ur childhood was not fun!

Oya choose the one you did….

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