Sunday Igboho Opens Up On How His Wife Was Used As Bait For His Arrest

Sunday Igboho Opens Up On How His Wife Was Used As Bait For His Arrest

Yoruba nation activist Sunday Adeyemo, Sunday Igboho, has opened up on why he was successfully arrested at Cadjehoun Airport in Cotonou, Benin Republic.

During an interview with Punch in his residence in Cotonou, the activist revealed how he was successfully arrested at the airport despite escaping the DSS bloody midnight raid on his house in Ibadan.

He explained that his wife Ropo was detained in the airport for two hours, and they would have held on to her if he did not show up.

Sunday Igboho insisted that if he knew she would be stopped in the airport, he would not have allowed her to follow him.

He said: “My wife (Ropo) was detained at the (Cadjèhoun) Airport for about two hours. They were ready to hold onto her if I didn’t show up. Then I showed up, and the security agents handcuffed my hands and legs. If I knew that could happen, I wouldn’t allow her to follow me to the airport. She had already obtained my traveling document from the German government, and I would have asked her to go separately, but God knew how everything went that way.”

Asked how he made it out alive during the DSS raid, Igboho instantaneously declined further comments. “It is not yet time to speak,” he said.

He won’t respond to our correspondent’s questions afterward as he became measured in his speech. “I will speak when it is time to speak,” he insisted despite entreaties.

Ropo was released days after her arrest and has since returned to Germany.

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