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The Pretty Maid [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 10


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I got home around noon that Saturday. I had spoken to my parents the evening before and just as Adesuwa had mentioned, they told me they were going for an engagement in Lagos for the weekend and were not going to be back till Monday. They told me if I could manage the time, I should show up at home. I told them I’ll try make it if I could and wished them a safe trip.

I had later spoken to Adesuwa that night and told her I would be home in the morning. I could hear the relief and gladness in her voice. She said mum wanted her to go with them on the journey but she had insisted she had a study session with Ireti and some of her other classmates for a test the following week and could not go. Mum had given her some ten thousand to take care of herself if she needed anything and told her to look after the house before they set off.

Adesuwa literally flew into my arms when I arrived. i had come down from the bike that dropped me in front of the house and had called her to come open the gate for me. Right now as I held her in my arms, I couldn’t believe how beautiful this girl had become.

“You just abandoned me,” she cried as she clung to me. I held her close and couldn’t help but feel her soft body pressed tightly against mine. My arms wrapped around her and I held her tighter.
“No, I didn’t abandon you.” I replied.
“Yes you did.” She replied, a look of hurt in her eyes. I held her back a bit and studied her. Yes, she definitely looked much more beautiful than the last time I saw her. Or was it because I hadn’t been home for almost a month? I couldn’t tell. All I know was that I had this pretty, voluptuous light-skinned beauty in my arms. Despite myself, I felt my heart go out to her. I didn’t even think of the fact she was still the maid.

She took my backpack from me and slung it over her shoulder and I followed her into the house. I couldn’t help but notice the way her hips moved gracefully in the tight jeggings she wore. The blood-red T-shirt she had on fit her body like a glove and I could clearly see the outlines of her brassiere which cupped her breαsts that were threatening to burst open her shirt. I could feel the stirrings of desire in my loins. Patience Ayo, I told myself, patience. You have all weekend with this girl. I followed her into the kitchen where she had prepared a delicious meal for me. 

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“I felt you’ll be hungry when you arrive so I decided to cook something for you to eat,” she said.

One thing about this girl was she could cook. My mum had really done a lot of work on this young girl. Gone was the shy, naïve village girl who joined us so long ago. Her delicacies were out of this world. I immediately went to the dining room and sat down at the table. As she placed the dishes in front of me, my mouth began to water. I hadn’t had a decent meal in a while and the sumptuous aroma filled my nostrils. My tummy growled in hunger and I shoveled some in my mouth, and as the flavors hit my palate and fought for supremacy over each other, so many delightful thoughts crossed my mind. I was in heaven.

“Adesuwa, this is…in fact I can’t think of any words for this…” I said.
“Do you like it?” she asked, her bright eyes lighting up the beautiful smile on her face as she watched me eat.

“Like it? Like is an understatement. I love it!!!” I shoveled another spoonful in my mouth.
“I’m glad you do.” She replied simply.
“Your husband is going to be a very lucky guy.”

She blushed slightly, but smiled again. I insisted she get a plate and join me, but she told me she had already eaten. I teased her with some spoonfuls of food. She refused at first, but when I kept pushing, she finally relented and opened her mouth. I fed her some spoonfuls and we chatted as we finished the food together.

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