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The Pretty Maid [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 11


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Later on she headed out for her study group and I retired to my room to take a nap. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t sleep. My thoughts were all about her. We had talked for a while after our meal and she had once again apologized for the way she had behaved. I had told her it was okay and we had made up. She told me she would be back in the evening in time to prepare dinner and had said goodbye and left.
All I could think of as I lay on my bed was her. I couldn’t shake her perfect body and smoldering curves from my mind, not to talk of her innocent look and lovely smile. I didn’t know if it was just lust I felt, but this girl really had an effect on me. it was just unfortunate she was just the maid. She was everything I would ever want in a girl. I wondered if she still had her encounters with her friend. Thoughts of that day returned and soon my díck began to stir and was at full length. My hand slipped into my shorts and I absentmindedly began to caress my s—t. I hadn’t cüm in a long while and my balls ached for release. I wonder, if after all that we had tried to mend, if I still went ahead to do what I had in mind, would it not just ruin all the efforts we had made earlier? My mind told me to just forget it all, but the throbbing of my díck told me otherwise.

Adesuwa returned from her study group around six-thirty and set out immediately preparing our dinner. I told her to make something not too heavy so she just prepared some nice fresh-fish pepper soup. We both ate and afterwards, she cleared the bowls and told me she was going to do the dishes.
That night, after completing all her tasks, she came to join me in the sitting room where I sat sprawled on the sofa watching a boring series on Lifetime. She looked pretty nice in her white pink-lined Hello Kitty pyjamas tank top and matching pink shorts. I knew she wasn’t wearing anything under as evident by the amount of boob flesh the top didn’t cover. A tiny bit of her midriff showed, and I could clearly see her nipples pushing gently against the top. She had covered her hair with a pink night-cap. She looked really radiant with her fresh skin glowing in the soft light. My little dude responded affirmatively to the beautiful sight.

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“Wow,” was what came out of my mouth as I took her features in.

She smiled timidly, walking barefoot across the living room and sitting down on the sofa beside me.

“You look…radiant.” I said.
“Thank…thank you sir,” Adesuwa replied shyly.
“Your pyjamas…they look very nice on you,” I continued, my eyes roaming over her body, from her large, beautiful eyes, to her protruding chest, and down to her fresh laps.
“Thank you broda Ayo,” she replied.
“Where did you get it? I’ve never seen you wearing something like this?”
“I bought it yesterday at Ceddi Plaza, when you told me you were coming home.”
“Oh really? You bought this just for me?”
She nodded shyly, her face turned away in embarrassment.

“Seriously, it looks really nice on you,” I commented, “it fits you perfectly, like the sweet angel you are.”
She blushed slightly. “I…I’m happy you like it sir.”

“Stand up, let me see you.”
She got to her feet and stood in front of me. I turned her around gently. My hands rested on her hips as I turned her full circle. She couldn’t keep eye-contact and she turned her face away.

“Adesuwa,” I called her. My hands still rested on her hips.
“Sir,” she whispered back, glancing at me.
“You’re…beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, okay?”
“Yes, sir,” she whispered again.

I was tempted to kiss her lower belly which was staring me in the face. Instead, I moved back and sat her down on the sofa in-between my legs. She tensed up a bit at first, but after I sprawled back and pulled her to rest her back on my chest, she slowly relaxed.
I reached for the remote. “What do you want to watch?”
“Anything,” she replied.

I switched the channel to Africa Magic. For the next hour or so, we watched the movie that was being shown. From my point of view, i could clearly see down her deep cleavage. I gradually caressed her skin, my fingers rubbing her just below her breαsts. My díck began to grow hard in my shorts and I’m sure she must have felt it against her lower back, but if she did, she didn’t show any sign that she was aware. If anything, she just moved to make herself a bit more comfortable.

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My fingers caressed her neck, from the back of her ear down to her collar bone. I felt a small shiver go through her and goose bumps broke out over her skin. I moved my hand to her midriff below her tank top and caressed her skin, feeling her temperature rise. I gave her a small kiss on her neck, and I finally heard her m0an slightly. My fingers traced the roundness of her breast. They caressed the uncovered skin of her cleavage.

“Broda Ayo, stop it,” she m0aned, but made no attempt to stop me.

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