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The Pretty Maid [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 14


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The following morning, I woke up with a major case of blue balls. I hadn’t been able to sleep that well, my thoughts clouded with the damsel that slept not quite far away. By the time I was finally able to fall asleep, it was almost morning.

I pulled the blanket off me and yawned. I acknowledged the boner I was sporting in my boxers. It was as hard as steel and very hot to the touch. I could feel the blood pulsing through the veins. I rolled out of the bed and walked to the bathroom to pee. I walked to the kitchen and met Adesuwa washing the dishes.

“Good morning angel,” I greeted her.
“Oh, Broda Ayo, good morning,” she greeted back.
“How was your night?”
“It was fine sir,” she replied.
I stood and watched her for a while. Her curvy but and overall lovely body, coupled with the beautiful smile she had given me made my sense of reasoning finally lose to my lust for her. She was singing merrily in her dialect as she washed the plates and didn’t hear me approach her from behind. I wrapped my arms around her waist and she jumped from fright.

“Oh Broda Ayo, you scared me,” she said as I pressed my cheek against hers. My eyes gazed down the top of her pyjamas tank and her full breαsts were there for me to gape at.
“I just want to greet my little angel,” I replied, kissing her on her cheek. My fingers caressed her tummy and I felt her shudder. My semi-hardness began to grow in my boxers and I pushed it against her butt.
“Broda Ayo now!! Stop it!!” she gasped, the plate in her hand dropping with a clatter back into the sink.

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“Stop what?” I placed another kiss on the same spot as earlier. She shuddered again and a slight m0an escaped her.
“Ehn? Stop what?” I asked again. I gently s—-d her earlobe and this time she m0aned loudly.

“Stop…oh…y-you are chooking me with…broda Ayo it is too early…I mean…”
I held her waist tighter and pushed my lips into her neck.

“Broda Ayo now!!! Stop it!!!” She giggled as she tried to wriggle away. I just smiled and rubbed my crotch on her arse some more. I knew she was finally game when still giggling, she pushed back, pressing and rubbing her arse into my díck. I turned her round to face me.

“Okay Broda Ayo, I know you want us to play, but please let me finish washing the plates,” she said.

I just smiled. I could feel her crotch pressed against my bulge. I pulled my hard cóck out of the slit in my boxers and pressed it against her. She gasped and recoiled a bit as the head poked her in the stomach and tried to move back, but when she saw the look of raw lust in my eyes, she paused. She looked into my eyes timidly and I guided her hand to begin stroking it gently. Clear fluid began to ooze out soon as it grew harder.
“Broda Ayo, I totally forgot how BIG it is!!!” she emphasized.
“Really? So are these.”
I cupped my hands on her breαsts, feeling their weight.

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“Broda Ayo nowwwww!!” she complained.
I smiled and massaged them as her nípples grew hard. I lifted her top up, lowered my mouth to her hard knobs and began to tease them with my lips and tongue.
“Ahhh…broda…easy…” she m0aned.

She continued to rub my cóck as I feasted on her nípples. Her tempo became faster as she slowly built her c—-x. I pulled the top over her head. At the same time my fingers slipped into her pink shorts, the contact my fingers made with her bare lips proving my suspicions of last night that she hadn’t worn anything under her pyjamas. I felt her moist lips and stroked her slit. “I’m going to finger you until you come baby,” I said.
“P… Please bro…da, why…are you…ahh…p……ing m…me” she gasped as I pushed my fingers in her wetness.

She was shaking and I could see she was seriously getting aroused. I attacked her G-spot with my fingers while she continued to hold onto my hardness.
“Stroke on it baby,” I ordered. Trembling, she slowly jerked me off. She kept on massaging my díck and balls while I fingered her until she tensed and cried out.
“B-broda A-Ayo, I-I’mm going to….OHHH!!!!!!”

She spasmed hard as her o—-m shot through her body. I felt her juices flowing freely over my hand. At the same time, I felt my cüm building up in me and I knew I was going to c—-x.

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