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The Pretty Maid [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 15


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Grabbing her bare shoulders, I forced her to her knees. She opened her mouth and started sU-Cking on the cap, bobbling her head forward and backward. She drooled and s—-d, looking into my eyes as her hot lips glided over my meat. The sight of her swinging boóbs and arse protruding behind her got me even more aroused and I feared I was going to blast my milk into her mouth any moment.
I quickly pulled her up and told her to hold the kitchen sink and she did so, spreading her legs apart. I slid my boxers over my rod and holding her waist, I slid her pink shorts to one side and poked her wet lips. She farted. I slapped her bare arse with my palm and she squealed.

“Broda, please….ousssss….” she pleaded.
I sq££zed my cóck and slid it up and down on the crack between her anus and cünt. I pressed on her swollen v—a and my length slid effortlessly into her. Adesuwa gasped and m0aned loud. I held her waist and proceeded to slide out, trying not to cüm from her tightness. I slowly withdrew and t—-t in harder. I continued to fück her while she sighed and m0aned.

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“Oh BRODA!! C’mon!! C’mon!! C’mon!! C’mon!! You are so bigssssss… oh you are so sweetsssss…oh fück me harder,” she encouraged.

I watched her face as I tickled her folds with my right hand and I felt my resistance to come slowly giving way as I tried to prevent myself from climaxing just yet.
“broda Ayo, you are killing me!!!” she cried.
She shook so hard, I felt she was going to pass out. I pumped into her faster as my resistance finally gave way and I unloaded a few shots into her. I m0aned and managed to pull out, stroking my díck as I spurted all over her pink shorts. She looked back and watched as my díck spurt out loads and loads of whitish semen over her lovely round arse. She reached out and smeared my cüm over her butt, took her fingers to her mouth and smiled as she licked the cüm off them.

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“Mmmmm,” she gave me a killer smile and I knew we weren’t done with each other yet. Without a word, I grabbed a screaming and giggling Adesuwa by her waist and led her to my room.

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