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The Pretty Maid [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 4

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“Stop teasing meeee…I need your díck so baaaad!!!” she shouted.
Adesuwa laughed. “Na so fück dey worry you reach?” she teased her friend while still feasting on her boóbs. I teasingly slipped in just the head. Ireti moved her ass up and tried to get more of me in her, but again I pulled out.
“Oh borda Ayo you are so wicked!!! I want to release quickly!!!!” she begged.
I slid back in and picked up the pace. In no time at all Ireti screamed and climaxed, but I was not done yet. I kept pounding and she came a second time. Soon she was begging me to stop. Five minutes later I grunted and finally let go.
Her muscles pulsated around me and I gasped and m0aned as I splattered her inner walls. When I finally pulled out, jizz seeped out of her and down her ass. Adesuwa kissed me, and then she moved between Ireti’s legs and licked up all the spunk I deposited. That brought her friend off a third time and she gushed all over Adesuwa’s face. Adesuwa moved her face up to Ireti and she kissed and licked her clean. We were totally spent. I collapsed onto the bed and the girls wrapped their nαked and sweaty bodies in mine, their hands lazily caressing my skin.
“That was awesome broad Ayo,” Ireti exclaimed, “I never knew you could fück so hard like that.”
“I told you I could handle the two of you comfortably,” I responded. I noticed Adesuwa hadn’t said anything so I turned to her.
“Did you enjoy yourself?” I asked, giving her a kiss on the forehead.
“…Yes…yes I did.” Something in the way she answered made me pause for a second. As her friend kept on yapping about how good I made her feel, I had a feeling that in the whole excitement, I sort of left Adesuwa out in most of the sex and concentrated more on Ireti. She looked at me and smiled, but I had a feeling she gave me a sad look in her eyes. I decided I was going to make it up to her later.
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