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The Pretty Maid [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 5

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I didn’t have the chance to do anything for a week or two. My sisters had returned from school and it was relatively a full house. Sadly though, unlike before Adesuwa didn’t really talk to me much. The bright smile she always had for me was gone. Even Ireti began to look at me with an upturned nose anytime I came across her. I guess it is true when they say that once a girl tastes your díck, the respect she has for you fades away immediately.
As usual, it was a quiet weekend in the house. Dad was to go for a conference all week in Lagos and since Mum wasn’t feeling too well, he had taken her along to rest, leaving me in charge of the house. Trust my sisters, the rules they la!d down for me to enforce flew out of the window once I had returned from dropping them off at the airport. They both told me they were going to Wuse2 for the weekend and will not be back until Sunday. I told them that as long as they behaved themselves and didn’t forget to “tip” me, then everything will be alright. They promised to bring me some goodies from the party they were going to attend and left on Friday.
I didn’t really see much of Adesuwa that week. At some point she was away at her father’s house for a few days. She returned home about a few hours after my sisters left, just as I was about to hit the town myself. I told her to take care of the house and that I will be back much later in the night. She responded with just a nod and huff.

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I didn’t return from the club near until around three in the morning. I had a splitting headache from all the alcohol I had drank and it was a miracle I made it back home alive. I didn’t know how I managed to drive all the way back in the state I was. I didn’t remember much of the journey, but I had vague recollections of staggering to my room and passing out on the bed. The next thing I realized was someone shaking me awake the next morning. I opened my eyes and the brightness of the daylight streaming in through the window almost blinded me. Groaning out loudly, I squinted and saw it was Adesuwa trying to wake me up. 
“Bros AY, why are you like this? When did you come in?” she asked, covering her nose. I must have stank like a brewery. I hadn’t even bothered to remove my smoke and alcohol smelling clothes the night before. I tried to talk but my mouth felt dry, like there was a ball of cotton wool shoved in it. I just mumbled incoherently at her. Through the red mist that enveloped my vision, I pictured her with a blue top and a wrapper wrapped tightly around her breαsts. The way those puppies moved, I knew she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, but the signals in my mind refused to reach my díck. I mumbled again.
“Sir?” Adesuwa asked, a clear look of disgust written all over her. I really wanted to reach out and slap the look off her face but I didn’t have the strength.
“Water…Paracetamol…” I hoarsed dryly.
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