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The Pretty Maid [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 6


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She turned and left and through my squinted eyes, I stared at her wobbling arse as she stepped out of my room. I lay my spinning head on the pillow and waited for her to return. She came back about five minutes later with a bottle of cold water and some pills. I gratefully downed the two tablets.

“Do you want to eat anything? Do you want me to cook something for you?” she asked.
I waved my hand at her. My tummy wasn’t settled and I knew any attempt to take anything in at that moment will only end up with me emptying the contents all over the place. She just shrugged and left me in peace.

Later that evening I lay on my bed watching a movie on Mnet. I had managed to get a bit over my hangover and taken a nice long shower. Adesuwa had brought in some fried yam and egg sauce around noon and I had devoured it like a hungry lion. She told me she was going to be with Ireti as they had some homework to cover and asked me call her if I needed anything. I hadn’t seen her since then. I decided to remain in bed after eating and regain some of my energy back.

Around seven I heard a knock on my door. I reached for the remote just as Adesuwa came in. I had just woken up from another long nap and now felt a bit refreshed.

“Broda Ayo, good evening,” she greeted.
“Good evening dear,” I replied. As usual, she looked hot. I guess she must have just styled her hair. The long bangs contrasted nicely with her light skin. Her off-shoulder blouse molded her body perfectly with just the right amount of cleavage showing. A tight pair of leggings smoothed over her hips and I couldn’t help but notice how nicely rounded they were. I just couldn’t stop staring at her. She must have caught my look because she averted her eyes and turned away.

“I just came to check on you,” she said, her hand on the door handle, “do you want to eat anything?” 

“No, I’m not hungry yet,” I replied, sitting up on the bed.

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